From Dawn To Sunset

Dawn came knocking early this morning just giving me time to grab my dressing gown and hasten downstairs for my camera. I was permitted a very few minutes in which to photograph her delights before her soft pinks and magenta blushes succumbed to deep indigo blues. silhouetting the oscillating tresses of the Weeping Birch. LateContinue reading “From Dawn To Sunset”

The Dental Riskits

This morning my research into the New Zealand Free Lance Paper was interrupted by British Gas’s smart new digital technology which required turning off our electricity power. Our smart meter was due an upgrade, mainly in order for me to access this device from my smart mobile phone. I have no wish ever to doContinue reading “The Dental Riskits”

Whispering Leaves

The light today was bright; the skies clear; and the temperature cold. This morning we drove into the forest via   Holmsley Passage, with its splendid autumn colour burnishing both woodland trees and bracken-carpeted moorland. The moon, not yet having retired, nestled in the crook between two sunlit tree. Golfers in their retirement putted ballsContinue reading “Whispering Leaves”


Danni, Elizabeth, and Ella came to lunch today. Jackie produced her usual splendid spread. Danni helped her daughter. As we all do, our niece couldn’t prevent herself from mirroring Ella’s mouth movements. Ella preferred to use her fingers. Afterwards crawling and throwing skills were displayed, and mother and daughter romped on the floor.   DanniContinue reading “Synchrony”


I was wondering round the garden with a camera when Shelly arrived for a morning coffee visit with congenial conversation. Raindrops bejewelled various pelargoniums, keeping fuchsias like Mrs Popple, and   salvias Amistad and Hot Lips glistening. Honesty seed pods sparkled,   Penstemons and marigolds are either early or late,   while the viburnums BodnantenseContinue reading “Light-headed”

Under The Weather

Not having yet experienced frost, the nasturtiums still climb the garage door trellis. The crab apple trees are losing their leaves, revealing their fruit, still eschewed by blackbirds not yet hungry enough to eat them. The sun was so weak this morning as to be imperceptible in these photographs of the garden views in whichContinue reading “Under The Weather”

A Reluctant Follower

On another bright but chilly morning Jackie drove me to Norleywood Road for me to walk along it and St Leonard’s Road for half an hour before she picked me up. Three different alpacas occupied the usual field; one wearing a rug. One or two of these may be llamas, but I don’t know theContinue reading “A Reluctant Follower”

Khaleesi And Karen’s Hair Dryer

On this bright, sunny, day Barry of was able to complete the work on the Velux window roof. He tapped down the lead using a tool that had once belonged to Owen’s great grandfather; tested the result for smoothness in his usual careful manner; and employed Karen’s hair dryer to avoid the possibility of hisContinue reading “Khaleesi And Karen’s Hair Dryer”

A Craftsman At Work

We already knew that Barry Chislett-Bruce of New Forest Chimney Sweeping & Repairs is a first class, painstaking, craftsman. In the link above Barry and his son, Owen, are shown sweeping the chimney behind the fireplace they installed for us. The Velux kitchen window has leaked ever since we moved in five and a halfContinue reading “A Craftsman At Work”

Ponies In Motion

Today the sun shone and the temperature was comparatively mild. Jackie helped her avian familiar plant an astilbe and thin out a lamium. “Where’s Nugget?” (45) Afterwards my Chauffeuse drove me to Undershore, along which I walked for half an hour until she picked me up. Undershore, the narrower lane,¬†should not be confused with UndershoreContinue reading “Ponies In Motion”