Chinese Boxes

Along the laurel hedge at The Firs there lies a heap of various items that might some day be useful.  By the side of that there is a compost heap.  There are parts of cemented brick pillars from the former pergola which blew down long ago; pieces of wood in various stages of decomposition; bamboosContinue reading “Chinese Boxes”

Moving The Eucalyptus

I’m happy to say Jessops sorted out my computer problem, so I was able to add photographs to yesterday’s post.  We then drove back to The Firs, arriving just after midday.  The Three Graces, first mentioned on 11th. September, is, in fact, a bird bath.  When we arrived, a pigeon was drinking from it. InContinue reading “Moving The Eucalyptus”

A Night At The Globe

I began the day by photographing the corner of the garden in which the new fernery is located, so that Danni can see where it is. Jackie then drove us back to Morden in readiness for a visit to The Globe Theatre this evening.  Sam and Holly had given me two tickets for Richard IIIContinue reading “A Night At The Globe”

A Fernery

First thing this morning I watched savage nature in action.  The early sun glinted on a side-lit spider’s web, displaying the splendid shape of this wonderfully crafted construction.  A child’s chalk drawing of an airplane streaked across the clear sky above.  A bright blue fly darted straight into the unwound skein.  In a fraction ofContinue reading “A Fernery”

The Stockpot

Last night Elizabeth told us she had found a golf ball on her bedroom floor (see post of 8th. September). It was a pretty drizzly day today.  Michael came down and spent the morning with us, after which Jackie drove me to Winchester to collect the plants left behind yesterday.  As she was on holidayContinue reading “The Stockpot”


Whilst seated in the arbour at The Firs this morning, Jackie and I speculated about how the hedgehog had got itself perched up on the top of an unidentified tree.  Mike Kindred telephoned me and we talked through my views on a new Listener Crossword he is preparing for publication.  Although there were a coupleContinue reading “Winchester”

Cleaning The Dog

This was a two walk day.  In the morning I took Michael and Emily through Telegraph Woods to The Ageas Bowl, the Hampshire County Cricket Ground, and back via a circular route.  We actually walked into the cricket stadium and admired the pitch and surrounding areas.  We were less welcome when we stood beside theContinue reading “Cleaning The Dog”


Michael and Emily drove down to join us for the day.  As they are great National Trust fans, Michael having made a superb investment by subscribing to life membership at the age of nineteen, I suggested a trip to Mottisfont, a National Trust property situated just four miles North of Romsey.  Michael drove us allContinue reading “Mottisfont”

A Chicken And Egg Situation

At last, this morning, the preparation of the new bed was completed.  This involved composting the soil and tidying up the edges.  I had to fetch bracken compost, having mixed it with horse manure, in several trips with a wheelbarrow; spread the mixture across the recently prepared area; and dig it all in.  Having doneContinue reading “A Chicken And Egg Situation”

Holiday With The Jubilee Sailing Trust

Today was a beautiful autumn day.  At last we are reaching the stage in The Firs garden where we can spend as much time in sitting and enjoying the display as in ’tilling and sowing’.  This was just as well today, because I had left my camera battery charger at home in Morden, so weContinue reading “Holiday With The Jubilee Sailing Trust”