The Chicks Have Hatched

One of the consequences of moving house is the need to wonder where to put things. This is very helpful in encouraging one to complete unfinished organisational tasks begun years ago. In about 2008/9, when living in Sutherland Place, I discovered that some of my books and slide boxes had been damaged by damp. The colour slidesContinue reading “The Chicks Have Hatched”

All Part Of The Process

The annual O’Connell/Rivett family attendance at the Godalming Operatic Society’s Leatherhead Theatre production of a work by Gilbert & Sullivan directed by Pat O’Connell follows a carefully choreographed process. Taking advantage of the close proximity of each point in the proceedings, arriving in very good time to dine before the performance, we all stay atContinue reading “All Part Of The Process”

John Lawrence

Reindeer was the theme of 1964’s Regent Street lights.  I was there that December, never dreaming I would one day send the image around the world as an advent calendar picture. I very rarely read a book twice, especially by accident.  In my ‘Bookmarks’ post I explained one of my methods for ensuring this.  When IContinue reading “John Lawrence”


We are currently basking in an Indian summer, so it is quite appropriate that Jackie is so proud of her Star of India clematis that, at a cost of £1.99 she rescued from Morrison’s shelves.  Baby Bio, regular watering, and plentiful sunshine have done the trick. Late this morning, I walked down to the villageContinue reading “Carthage”

Quite By Accident?

Last night I finished reading the Folio Society’s edition of Ernst Junger’s ‘Storm of Steel’.  This is the story of the author’s experiences throughout the First World War.  So many talented writers did not survive ‘the war to end all wars’  – which of course it didn’t  –  that it is miraculous that such a greatContinue reading “Quite By Accident?”

The Folio Society

On this hot, humid, and overcast morning I set off by my usual route for lunch with Norman in Harlesden.  I was very sticky by the time I reached Colliers Wood. A heron landed in a tree in Morden Hall Park before taking off, no doubt aiming for the river Wandle.  On the trail joggersContinue reading “The Folio Society”