Hoisted By My Own Petard

This morning, whilst Jackie continued with her planting, tidying, and extensive garden maintenance, I carried out some more work on refining the gravel path in the front garden. This involved marking out a line, digging up and either moving or rejecting stray plants, and  replacing some rocks and concrete that line the side nearest theContinue reading “Hoisted By My Own Petard”

In The Verges

Today was sunny and warmer. I made my way this morning down to Roger’s footpath and back. This was more of a hobble than a ramble, but the swelling on the knee has subsided and I have left off the Ibuprofen. To be found in the verges of Downton Lane are: CrocusesCelandines Primroses Primulas MoreContinue reading “In The Verges”

Emulating The Master

On another dull morning my matinal amble around the garden was again brightened by Jackie’s fresh planting. She has filled the first window box on the front wall with primulas, more of which, in pots, she has placed ready for insertion into the new bed, further built up by Aaron, that was once the compostContinue reading “Emulating The Master”

A Dictionary Battle

A very dull afternoon was brightened by the tubs at the front that Jackie had planted up in the morning; and the trills of songbirds in the trees, as I wandered around the garden. iPhoto, aided by the Canon SX700 HS lens, helped me to transform a tiny black silhouette high up in a tree into aContinue reading “A Dictionary Battle”

Sharing A Meal

When we arrived in Downton on 31st March last year, clumps of large leaves were present in the front garden. Following our policy of giving unrecognised plants time to make themselves known, we refrained from disturbing them. These produced nothing more until now. We don’t know what they are. Does anyone? The holly leaf in theContinue reading “Sharing A Meal”

This Will Be Fun

This morning I scanned another large batch of colour slides from 1970. In April, six year old Michael was introducing a quizzical Matthew into the legends of The Old West. That same month we awaited the birth of Becky who was to be born on 19th August. Jackie was surprised to see her cigarette, forContinue reading “This Will Be Fun”

Becky Cracks The Conundrum

I have received observations about yesterday’s post ‘Revealing The Ancestors’ from Becky, Helen, and Jackie. These have been added to the story of the photograph. Becky, in particular engaged in some exciting and informative research, which Jackie eagerly followed up. This information is all so staggering that, although it emerged today, it belongs to yesterday, which isContinue reading “Becky Cracks The Conundrum”

Revealing The Ancestors

We have a stairway the walls of which we are reserving for photographs of those we call the ancestors. A start was made with the Norwood School for the Sons of Gentlemen featured in ‘One For Rebekah’. Beside that print hangs a wedding photograph from Jackie’s family. From the clothes worn by the group of family andContinue reading “Revealing The Ancestors”

A Footpath, A Carpet, And An Oak

This morning I encased my right knee in a crepe bandage and hobbled along Hordle Lane to the footpath alongside Apple Court Garden and back. Now the leg has toothache. That’s it. My rambling will be  done in my head until further notice. The ditches are now pretty full, and pools still lie on the fields,Continue reading “A Footpath, A Carpet, And An Oak”

Spring According To Susan Hill

This morning I ambled gingerly down to the Shorefield post box and back. My right knee remains sharply painful. Perhaps I am stuck with it. A few sturdy daffodils, such as this one alongside snowdrops, cyclamen, hellebores, and pulmonaria in the shady bed, swayed bravely in the strong breeze blowing through our garden. Our several varietiesContinue reading “Spring According To Susan Hill”