The A31/M27

We found the password for BT Yahoo, so I was able to get direct access to the Internet on my Apple.  This didn’t last.  I kept being informed that the password was incorrect.  It was perfectly adequate the first time. So I went for a walk.  Down to the village hall; right past Furzey Gardens;Continue reading “The A31/M27”

Harry The Grape

There is nothing more certain to do my head in than to try something either new or that I haven’t done for more than a week on the computer.  You will therefore be able to understand why I have been putting off moving my Apple computer to Minstead from the Firs.  Well, to be moreContinue reading “Harry The Grape”

‘That’s Not A Yew Tree’

On the forest strip alongside our Upper Drive, as I set off to walk via Furzey Gardens road; the ford; and the footpath to All Saints church, I met the unusual sight of four foraging ponies.  Their sunlit-dappled coats blended in so well with the trees that it was only the swish of a rebounding,Continue reading “‘That’s Not A Yew Tree’”

The Robotic Sheep

On another fine sunny day I soon found myself chasing shadows as I walked down Running Hill, up Seamans Lane to London Minstead, and along the back lanes to Football Green.  Here are some of those I caught.  I returned along the road through the village.  Cattle lowed; birds sang; a cock crowed; a donkey brayed.  BlackbirdsContinue reading “The Robotic Sheep”


Shafts of sunlight from across the frosted lawn early this morning signalled the glorious day we were to have.  As I walked through Minstead joyous church bells vied with celebratory birdsong for attention.  The solitary crowing cock barely competed. Berry stopped her car and got out for a chat.  She has been engaged in rescuingContinue reading “Renovations”

P’tang Yang Kipperbang

For some time now Jackie has been collecting toys, books, and dressing up material for visits from grandchildren.  She has now taken this a stage further.  Buying such as Disney Princess dresses in various stages of use and abuse from her favourite charity shops, she has washed, ironed, mended, and added flouncy petticoats and sequinsContinue reading “P’tang Yang Kipperbang”

Surprisingly Picturesque

Although I have been unable to confirm the nationality of a gang of childhood friends from the early 1950s, my recollection is that it was ‘the Czechs’ we did battle with in those days.  For some reason Jackie and I got talking about this over coffee this morning.  Refugee families had been housed in aContinue reading “Surprisingly Picturesque”

Back In England

The New Forest hasn’t changed much since I left it on 20th January.  The snow has cleared, but it is still very cold, drab, and, if anything, even more waterlogged.  Light rain had begun to fall by the time I reached Shave Wood when walking the loop that touches it. A small van approaching me fromContinue reading “Back In England”

Sensory Exploration

Sod’s law was in force this morning.  As I prepared for my return to England, Sigoules awoke to the first clear blue sky that had not had frost laden ground beneath it since my arrival.  Sun kissed the rooftops visible from the attic window.  Southampton, on the other hand, when I reached it by myContinue reading “Sensory Exploration”