A Surprising Revelation

Morpho Eugenia is one of a pair of novellas by A. S. Byatt published as by Chatto & Windus in 1992. (Cover by Norman Adams) I finished reading the first tale today. In just 160 pages Byatt has woven a work of philosophy, fable, scientific, and sociological study – all in powerful, delicate, elegantly descriptiveContinue reading “A Surprising Revelation”

“Something For G.P. Cox”

Given that it was a splendidly sunny day, and that my right knee was going to feel as if the surgeon were still working on it wherever I sat, we decided this afternoon to prise me into the passenger seat of the car with a camera slung round my neck. Adopting the method perfected lastContinue reading ““Something For G.P. Cox””

Master & Commander

I entered New Hall Hospital on 9th January, intending to persevere with Patrick O’Brian’s ‘Master & Commander’. This despite the fact that I cannot really concentrate on reading in my post-operative condition. This novel is the first of the author’s acclaimed series of 18 works focussing on 18th century seamanship. Whilst I could admire theContinue reading “Master & Commander”

A Virtual Tour

There follows the missing post from 15th January 2019 We will be without internet until the faulty router is repaired. This is because the loaned device does not work. Now that I know that EE was bought by BT in 2016, I understand why their customer care is on a par with that of theirContinue reading “A Virtual Tour”

Gone Fishing

The final fatal body blow to my hopes for a daily post during my hospital stay was dealt by EE mobile on the late afternoon of the day before my surgery. Today I began to fill in the gaps with the entry planned for 8th January 2019 On this bright, sunny, morning we set outContinue reading “Gone Fishing”

I’ve Got The Hang Of It

Because I hadn’t yet tackled the stairs on crutches this morning, Mr Kask decided I would not be going home today. I had two sessions on the stairs afterwards. The second time Jackie was on hand to record my efforts along the corridor, and eventually that I’ve got the hang of it. This is herContinue reading “I’ve Got The Hang Of It”

The Official Photographer

Yesterday’s recovery from my knee surgery moved on apace today. My head is so much clearer than it was at this stage last May. Asking me to wiggle my toes, Mr Kask informed me that the operation was straightforward, which is his way of expressing satisfaction. The physiotherapists were impressed with the amount of flexibilityContinue reading “The Official Photographer”