Helen Eales’s Artwork

This morning I was engaged in several telephone conversations concerning my second knee replacement operation scheduled for two days time. Ten days or so ago I had been experiencing symptoms of what could have been a urinary tract infection soon after my satisfactory flexible cystoscopy. I understood that the operation could not be undertaken ifContinue reading “Helen Eales’s Artwork”

More Than Fifty Years To Go

Today I worked a little more on A Knight’s Tale. I took advantage of Becky’s presence to obtain her help with laying out iMac’s Pages. Some text was taken from my recent post “Come And Meet My Grandmother”. I was also able to add this image from Getty Images to my post “Holly”. My greatContinue reading “More Than Fifty Years To Go”

Talking Heads

I may have mentioned that my Canon 70-300mm lens became stuck just before Christmas, and I took it into Wessex Photographic in Ringwood for a quotation. This has come back. The cost is £70 more than a second-hand one the store had in stock. That being a no-brainer, Jackie drove me to replace my olderContinue reading “Talking Heads”

Feeding The Birds (3)

This afternoon Jackie and I drove to Hatchet Pond where a small family were enjoying feeding the birds. Turns were taken to carry the youngest child, while another delighted in tossing the bread. As always, the gulls, on the bank and in the air, squabbled over the crumbs. A pair of persistent donkeys silently clamouredContinue reading “Feeding The Birds (3)”

A Bit Close For Comfort

At midday Jackie drove Becky and me to Holmsley Old Station Tea Rooms where we enjoyed a lunch date with Helen and Bill, Shelly and Ron. After this we continued into the forest. I have mentioned before how difficult it is to back off from a pony when using a long lens. It isn’t reallyContinue reading “A Bit Close For Comfort”

Emptying The Dog

Jackie and I took a trip into the forest quite early this morning. At first there were just us and the ponies enjoying the bright sunshine and the crisp air on the undulating serpentine Holmsley Passage. The grey in the gallery above offered a perfect example of a typical pony turning from tearing at theContinue reading “Emptying The Dog”