Nobby Bates

The hot water problem resolved itself.  We had hot water in the morning, and the Dimplex radiators we had not managed to get to come on, did function in the small hours.  We are apparently on Economy 7 which I have heard about but never investigated.  Through this system electricity is drawn at night and storedContinue reading “Nobby Bates”

Any Van

Today we moved to Minstead.  Up before seven we continued packing.  The removal men arrived twenty minutes early and sat and waited outside until the appointed time of eight o’clock.  This courtesy was extended throughout the move.  Two men, possibly Polish, friendly and helpful, worked at a great rate loading the van; arrived at CastleContinue reading “Any Van”

Armistice Day

Sitting with our coffee in bed this morning Jackie and I watched runnels of condensation trickling down the surfaces of the misty window panes.  They produced streaks of blue sky penetrating the grainy grey film.  We then began to describe the patterned patina depicting fern and snowflake designs that had covered the inside of wintryContinue reading “Armistice Day”

Iron Age Hill Fort

Whilst Jackie went off to buy a stepladder this morning, I wrestled with my Apple computer.  The ladder was needed because of the height of the ceilings in Castle Malwood Lodge.  Even with this, standing on the platform at the top of the steps, and putting my phobia out of my mind, I could onlyContinue reading “Iron Age Hill Fort”

The Ash And The Elm

Our slumbering over morning coffee was interrupted today by a thump on the window.  This was a pigeon.  Birds, of course, cannot see glass.  Our would-be visitor bounced off, flapped its wings, and flew off into a fir tree, no doubt having a better view of stars than of our sitting room.  The unfortunate creature’sContinue reading “The Ash And The Elm”

Prolixity Or Concision?

Early this morning I finished reading Robert Graves’ ‘Count Belisarius’, which, I have to say, I found rather heavy going.  I know enough about Roman history to admire Graves’ research and his knowledge of Belisarius’ successful conquests of the Goths, the Vandals, and the Persians; and his relief and defence of Rome during the reignContinue reading “Prolixity Or Concision?”


On another crisp, clear, morning I took my usual route to Colliers Wood on the way to Carol’s. The pools on the footpaths that had not yet been penetrated by the sun’s rays were frozen over, and grasses and benches were coated with frost which sparkled when the light filtering through the trees caught their drops.Continue reading “‘Starnoozenstanna’”


On this sparkling autumn morning I bade farewell to Morden Park; to its squirrels, its magpies, its rooks, its parakeets; and the many passing acquaintances I have met there in the last eighteen months. Jackie, during the next couple of days, will be engaged in much more difficult goodbyes, as she leaves Merton Social Services Department afterContinue reading “Gigantism”