As it circles the sky the sun’s rays move around rue St Jacques.  The valerian corner focussed on yesterday is the first recipient; by mid-afternoon the back wall benefits; the front of the house is lit in the evening.  Although still very cold and subject to ferocious winds, the clouds dissipated somewhat yesterday and IContinue reading “Boxers”

All Saints Church

On a dismal midday I walked down to The Trusty Servant, turned right and visited the church at the top of the hill, before returning home. A clique of cyclists laboured up the road past Minstead Hall as I was walking down towards them.  ‘Hey, it’s Father Christmas,’ called out one, peering through specs whichContinue reading “All Saints Church”

Return Of The Deluge

This morning I walked down through Minstead some way past The Trusty Servant until, finding the road impassable without wellies, I turned back.  Driving through this particular pool later confirmed that my decision had been sound. I described yesterday as a respite from the deluge.  It was a very brief one.  Relentless rain that hadContinue reading “Return Of The Deluge”