Jogger’s Nipple

This was another beautiful clear winter’s day when the hard frost did not leave the ground, but continued to sparkle in the sunshine, except for the very open heathland where steam rose offering a misty veil across the backlit landscape.  We reprised yesterday’s Ringwood trip, except that I didn’t have my hair cut; I walked further alongContinue reading “Jogger’s Nipple”

Researching Seamans

On this dull dank day I took yesterday’s walk in reverse.  In Minstead village there is field containing two ponies which are often seen by the gate, at this time fetlock-deep in water-filled well-drilled hoofprints.  Nearby buckets perhaps contain some kind of food supplement for these animals leaving the slightly drier centre field to watch the worldContinue reading “Researching Seamans”

Almost A Local

Today’s dawning put me in mind of the old adage: ‘Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight; red sky in the morning shepherd’s warning’.  This was a morning of heavy frost, frozen pools, and slippery tarmac. I walked to Lyndhurst via the A337 and back by way of Emery Down.  The purpose of my trip wasContinue reading “Almost A Local”

Gracedale Road S.W.

Just before mid-day I took the upper drive route down to Minstead; turned right by the red phone box; walked up through Fleetwater; took the right turn at the junction towards Stoney Cross; and right again on the A31 back to Castle Malwood Lodge. The thatchers in Minstead continued their work.  A house in FleetwaterContinue reading “Gracedale Road S.W.”

The Avon In Spate

There are nine very tall panels to our bay window where the dining table is situated.  This gives us a kind of treble tryptich view of the beautiful lawns and trees beyond.  Over lunch we watched a pied wagtail running around, it’s bobbing appendage providing evidence of the aptness of its name.  A robin wasContinue reading “The Avon In Spate”

Right Said Fred

I took the upper drive route down to Minstead this morning which has a little more forest to walk through before arriving at the road.  This meant passing the new lakes that have formed since we arrived here.  Turning right at the Furzey Gardens sign I continued past the gardens along an increasingly muddy and pool-ridden pathContinue reading “Right Said Fred”

IKEA 3 (R18)

On this clear, cold, and sunny morning I took yesterday’s walk in reverse. Smoking chimneys enlivened the line of the horizon.  Distant cattle lowed; cocks crowed; steam rose from one sunlit ditch whilst a blackbird spuddled in another; the occasional cyclist whirred, and the occasional car sped, past.  Otherwise it was just me and the ponies.Continue reading “IKEA 3 (R18)”

Nobby Bates

The hot water problem resolved itself.  We had hot water in the morning, and the Dimplex radiators we had not managed to get to come on, did function in the small hours.  We are apparently on Economy 7 which I have heard about but never investigated.  Through this system electricity is drawn at night and storedContinue reading “Nobby Bates”

Blonds Burn More Easily

From the garden room whilst having our morning coffee. Jackie and I watched a pigeon in the process of landing and take-off in the bay tree beside us.  Apparently being a poor judge of available space and the weight-bearing capacity of a slender twig, this large, ungainly, bird flopped onto its chosen perch which wasContinue reading “Blonds Burn More Easily”